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Speedlight TTL Basics On Location With Off Camera Flash - Video

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Get interesting portraits with off camera flash using TTL and a trigger on the camera. This is a very typical way for people to work if they're doing weddings or events. It's an urban strong light that looks really interesting, to a really soft to the side light. So there's a real variety here. Let's take a look at getting that flash off from the camera using the Westcott FJ80se, a trigger and TTL. 

  • 00:00 Speedlight With Off Camera Flash
  • 00:32 SKB iSeries 2011-7BP Case
  • 00:55 Great Speedlight - Westcott FJ80se Speedlight
  • 01:09 Working With A Trigger
  • 01:36 How To Set Up Your Flash For TTL
  • 02:29 How To Set Up Your Trigger For TTL
  • 02:47 Formula For Shooting TTL With Speedlight
  • 03:38 Adjusting The Strobe Settings
  • 04:02 Adjusting Your Exposure As Light Changes For Ambient Light
  • 04:32 Using Kobra Flash Modifier To Soften Light
  • 04:53 Shooting With Tamron 24-70mm EF For Canon and Panasonic S5 II Camera
  • 05:44 Camera Settings For Shooting In Dark Spaces
  • 07:36 Shooting In Tight Spaces And Camera Settings
  • 08:05 Advantages Of Off Camera Flash
  • 08:58 The 5 Portrait Lighting Positions
  • 09:38 Stark Flash Look
  • 10:07 Distinct Formula For Shooting TTL With Off Camera Flash
  • 10:20 Set Camera To Manual
  • 10:30 Set Correct Exposure For Scene
  • 10:50 Adjust Your ISO Up Or Down For Correct Exposure
  • 11:00 Adjust Shutter To Lighten Or Darken Background
  • 11:36 Set Up Your TTL On Your Flash And Trigger To Light The Face
  • 12:10 Conclusion¬†
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