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Does Your Drone Need Filters? / Testing Freewell Air 2S ND and CPL filters - Video

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Neutral density filters and circular polarizers are essential for landscape photography on the ground, but what about drones? This video (featuring Air 2S filters made by Freewell), I share my experience using filters, how to use them in the field, and answer common questions about when they should and should NOT be used.

Disclosure: Freewell provided me with the Air 2S filters featured in this video. Otherwise, they have not sponsored or paid for this video. All opinions are my own.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:50 Filters for Aerial Photography
  • 5:16 Filters for Aerial Video
  • 8:08 Solid, Variable or Hybrid ND?
  • 10:27 Freewell Air 2S Solid ND Filters
  • 11:43 Freewell Air 2S Hybrid ND/PL Filters
  • 15:15 Freewell Air 2S Variable NDs
  • 16:37 Summary
  • 18:35 Which Filters I Prefer
  • 20:27 Gimbal Issues?


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