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How to Create Particle Based Effects in Photoshop and Lightroom - Video

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In this video, Fstoppers looks at the brand new release of Optics 2022. With the latest update of Boris FX's Optics software, photographers now have access to the brand new Particle Illusion generator. This particle emitter creator allows photographers and graphic designers endless options when it comes to adding smoke, haze, fog, explosions, fire, bokeh, tech overlays, and countless other types of effects.
this video, photographer Patrick Hall walks through some of the newest effects added to Optics and shows how some of his images can be completely transformed by adding different particles to the background and foreground. Although Optics can be used as a stand alone program, in this video Patrick uses Optics as a plugin to Photoshop to add an extra layer of creativity to his current post production workflow.


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