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What You Have Gotten Wrong About Studio Lighting - Video

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Photographers have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to flash, LEDs and modeling lights. So in today's video I am going to touch on what each of these things do and in general how you can use them. I will touch on Why you would use LED continuous lights or flash, types of flashes, Flash duration, how many watt seconds you need, LED brightness, why you would use a light meter and the inverse square law.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:24 Modeling Lights
  • 04:13 LED Lights
  • 07:16 Flash (Including Flash Duration)
  • 09:51 Flash Packs & Heads
  • 13:14 How many watt seconds do you need?
  • 15:03 Flash tube design
  • 15:35 LED Brightness
  • 17:19 Why knowing the power setting of the light is usually not helpful
  • 20:17 Why you would use a light meter 
  • 23:02 Inverse square law 
  • 23:53 Conclusions


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