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9 Simple Tips to Substantially Elevate Your Nature Photography! - Video

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There are many tips and tricks to learn as a landscape photographer. In this video, I'll get into nature and take a ton of new landscape and nature photos while sharing a whole bunch of the most important tips and skills that'll make you master landscape photography and elevate your art.

  • 0:00 - Adding that extra spice
  • 2:42 - Work with series
  • 5:00 - A telephoto lens importance!
  • 8:00 - Working with the right type of light
  • 11:41 - Goosebumbs!!
  • 13:49 - Setting yourself free
  • 16:51 - New location
  • 18:44 - Research and plan A, B and C
  • 20:45 - A focus stacked composition
  • 22:22 - Making art-worthy photos by simplifying
  • 25:12 - Don't rely on the golden hour alone
  • 27:20 - Borderline stupidity and DO NOT stop


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