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Sony a6700

Martin Vronsky

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Press release:

Sony Electronics Releases Next-generation APS-C Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera "α6700” with Simultaneous Release of Versatile Compact Shotgun Microphone ECM-M1
High-precision subject recognition by AI and the latest still image and video performance are condensed into a compact APS-C body for the first time

SAN DIEGO, CA. July 12, 2023 - Today, Sony Electronics announces the release of its newest APS-C mirrorless camera, the α6700. This new offering combines the cutting-edge still image and video capabilities found in the latest full-frame Alpha™ and Cinema Line series with the compact and lightweight design of the α6000 series, resulting in Sony’s most advanced APS-C mirrorless camera to date.

Combining an APS-C back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS image sensor boasting 26 effective megapixels with the speed and power of Sony’s advanced BIONZ XR® processing engine, the α6700 achieves exceptional imaging performance while maintaining a compact and lightweight design.

The camera supports high-resolution 4K video recording at up to 120fpsi, a wide latitude of 14+ stopsii for capturing details in harsh or under-lit conditions and features the S-Cinetone™ picture profile found in Sony’s professional Cinema Line for refined movie imagery that doesn’t require color grading, and it delivers stunning representation of human skin tones. For videographers and vloggers, Sony simultaneously releases the ECM-M1 shotgun microphone, capable of high-quality sound with eight sound pickup modes including stereo.

"With the release of the α6700, Sony continues its commitment to elevate the abilities of creators everywhere and at every level by empowering them with state-of-the-art tools that enable their creativity to relentlessly move forward. Sony will continue to expand its APS-C line-up to cater to and support image production activities of a diverse array of creators," says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc.

Highly accurate subject recognition with AI

The latest APS-C size, back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor boasts approximately 26 effective megapixels, paired with our advanced BIONZ XR engine for exceptional imaging performance. Standard ISO sensitivity spans 100 to 32000 for both stills and movies, allowing high-sensitivity, low-noise shooting. Enhanced color reproduction ensures subjects like people and plants are captured with natural hues, while Creative Look features allow unique visual expressions.

The AI processing unit is inherited from the α7R V, enabling high accuracy "Real-Time Recognition AF (autofocus)." Beyond the α6000 series' human and animal recognition, it now accurately identifies various subjects such as human, animal, bird, insect, car/train, and airplane, catering to diverse creative expressions. When paired with today's newly launched FE 70-200MM F4 Macro G OSS IIiii, it offers 105 mm to 300 mm focal lengths in 35mm full-frame equivalent, leveraging the power of telephoto zoom for high-quality shooting. Additionally, it's compatible with a broad array of E-mount lenses, and Sony’s E-mount lenses covering full-frame and Cinema Line cameras with a single mount.

Excellent video performance compatible with 4K120pi

Harnessing data equivalent to 6K, the α6700 outputs superior 4K video, including support for high-frame-rate recording at 4K 120fps. It features S-Log3, offering a latitudes of 14+ stopsii, for stellar gradation. Also equipped with S-Cinetone, the α6700 offers impressive skin tone depiction and subject highlighting, technologies honed through our Cinema Line development, while its AI-driven Auto-Framingiv smoothly tracks subjects, eliminating the need for manual camera movement. The body houses a Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe compatible with digital audio interfaces. Used in conjunction with the new ECM-M1 shotgun microphone, it allows for direct digital audio transmission, capturing high-quality, undegraded sound.

Mobility, operability, and connectivity unique to a compact and lightweight device

With a compact design (approx. 4 7/8 × 2 3/4 × 3 in. and weighing about 1 lb 1.4 oz.v), the α6700 is highly portable. It has a user-friendly, touch-operable vari-angle LCD monitor, coupled with a modern touch menu for effortless operation. Customizable front dial and a switching dial for still images, movies, and S&Q modes are also featured. It is also equipped with optical 5-axis in-body image stabilization system with 5.0 stopsvi of shutter speed advantage for stills and an Active Modevii ensures stable footage.

In terms of connectivity, the camera now supports the Creators' Appviii for seamless uploads of videos and still images to cloud services. Sony also plans to roll out a new version of the "Camera Remote SDK" in July 2023, allowing remote operation and setting adjustments.

Environmental conscious and accessibility

Recycled materials, including SORPLASTMx, are used throughout the camera body, reducing environmental impact without sacrificing functionality. Over the past 10 years, Sony has replaced approximately 379 tonsix of virgin plastic with recycled plastic in digital cameras and digital video cameras.

In addition, it is equipped with Sony’s Screen Reader functionxi that reads menus and video playback screens aloud to assist operations, supporting the creative activities of a wide variety of creators.

Main features of shotgun microphone ECM-M1

The ECM-M1 is the world's first shotgun microphone with eight dial-selectable audio recording modelsxii. With 4 microphone capsules and unique beamforming and advanced digital processing technology, it offers varied modes including stereo. Its ultra-directional mode captures targeted sound from the front (within a 30-degree width) and at the same time effectively suppresses other sounds, dynamically adapting to ambient sound in the surroundings. This mode is ideal for interviews and selfie-oriented scenarios where the subject is always in front of the microphone.

A newly added mode dial with a locking mechanism ensures easy, secure switching of sound pickup modes. The ECM-M1 features noise reduction utilities like a noise cut filter for reducing background noise and a low-cut filter for minimizing vibration and low frequency noise. These filters are implemented through digital signal processing, maximizing audio quality at the recording stage and thereby reducing the need for complex post processing. It also supports 4-channel recording (compatible cameras only), allowing safety recording in omnidirectional mode on channels 3 and 4, while channels 1 and 2 focus on selected directivity.

Compact and lightweight, the ECM-M1 enhances mobility, empowering creators to capture high-quality audio in diverse situations. Simply clip the microphone into the Multi Interface Shoe on a compatible camera for direct power and audio connections without the need for extra cables or batteries. When connected via the Multi Interface Shoe of a compatible camera that features a built-in digital audio interface, the audio signal is directly transferred to the camera in digital form so that no degradation can occur. A simple switch also provides compatibility with a wide range of cameras using an analog interface.

Pricing and Availability

The new α6700 will be available in 2023 at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers:

  • α6700 camera only: MSRP $1399.99 USD, $1899.99 CAN
  • α6700 “L” kit w/PZ1650: MSRP $1499.99 USD, $1999.99 CAN
  • α6700 “M” kit w/18135: MSRP $1799.99 USD, $2399.99 CAN
  • The new ECMM1 microphone will be available for MSRP $349.99 USD and $469.99 CAN.


I QFHD (3840×2160). About 38% of the angle of view is cropped.
II When shooting S-Log3. Sony internal measurement.
III For details on the FE 70-200MM F4 Macro G OSS II, please see the press release announced on July 12, 2023.
IV Valid only in video mode. The angle of view is narrowed because it is cropped from a 4K resolution image.
V Weight includes battery and memory card.
VI CIPA standard compliant, Pitch/Yaw direction, with FE 50 mm F1.2 GM attached, long exposure noise reduction off.
VII In Active Mode, the shooting angle of view is slightly narrower.
VIII Check regional availability of services and applications via the URL below: Creators’ App: https://www.sony.net/cca , Creators’ Cloud: https://www.sony.net/cc/ Download app at Google Play and the App Store. Network services, content, and operating system and software subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require fees, registration and credit card information.
IX According to Sony research. Recycled materials used for product body and accessories from April 2012 to March 2022.
X SORPLAS™ may not be used for the parts used depending on the production period.
XI Supported languages differ depending on the sales region.
XII As of the July 2023 press release. Sony research. As a camera microphone

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It's been quite a few years since we've seen an APS-C Alpha body from Sony, but the a6700 might be worth the wait! With a new sensor, better handling a vastly improved image quality, the a6700 is a big improvement, with some odd omissions as well. Chris and Jordan will fill you in on everything you need to know about the Sony a6700!

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:30 - Design and handling
  • 3:46 - Sample photos
  • 4:05 - Autofocus
  • 5:46 - Sensor
  • 6:49 - Displays
  • 7:42 - Video performance
  • 11:10 - Who is it for?


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Introducing the highly-anticipated Sony a6700! Content creators will enjoy the combination of Cinema Line innovations and Alpha-series photo quality. What do you think of Sony's new flagship APS-C camera?

  • 0:00 Today's Gear
  • 0:53 a6700 vs. a6600
  • 2:25 a6700 In Action
  • 4:21 ECM-M1
  • 5:46 Final Thoughts


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  • 00:00 - Introduction and pricing
  • 00:57 - Sony A6700 design and controls, what’s new?
  • 03:08 - Sony A6700 screen
  • 04:03 - Sony A6700 viewfinder
  • 04:32 - Sony A6700 battery life
  • 05:05 - Sony A6700 ports and card slot
  • 06:06 - Sony A6700 lens mount and stabilization
  • 07:40 - Sony A6700 sensor
  • 08:05 - Sony A6700 resolution quality vs A6400 / A6600
  • 08:46 - Sony A6700 resolution quality vs Fujifilm X-H2
  • 08:55 - Sony A6700 noise high ISO quality vs A6400 / A6600
  • 09:49 - Sony A6700 rolling shutter skewing vs A6400 / A6600
  • 10:21 - Sony A6700 menus and user interface
  • 10:44 - Sony A6700 image quality settings, JPEG, HEIF, RAW
  • 11:24 - Sony A6700 focus bracketing and stacking
  • 12:10 - Sony A6700 Bulb Timer
  • 12:41 - Sony A6700 burst shooting H+
  • 12:59 - Sony A6700 autofocus and subject detection
  • 14:45 - Sony A6700 sports and wildlife shooting
  • 17:45 - Sony A6700 vs A6600 vs A6400 vs A6000
  • 17:54 - Sponsored segment, thanks to MPB
  • 19:31 - Sony A6700 sample images and final verdict


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My Sony A6700 review for videographers and YouTube content creators!

  • 00:00 - Introduction and pricing
  • 01:15 - Sony A6700 what’s new in design?
  • 02:54 - Sony A6700 video quality modes
  • 04:32 - Sony A6700 overheating and recording times
  • 05:19 - Sony A6700 video quality and crops for 1080 and 4k
  • 07:28 - Sony A6700 slow motion from 50 to 240p
  • 08:05 - Sony A6700 video resolution quality vs A6400
  • 10:09 - Sony A6700 Active SteadyShot resolution
  • 10:52 - Sony A6700 video noise quality high ISO vs A6400
  • 11:25 - Sony A6700 rolling shutter vs A6400
  • 12:44 - Sony A6700 video autofocus
  • 13:22 - Sony A6700 video stabilization
  • 13:53 - Sony A6700 vlogging quality
  • 15:38 - Sony A6700 audio built-in mics and strap lugs
  • 16:23 - Sony A6700 Auto Framing
  • 17:43 - Sony A6700 4k 120p
  • 18:42 - Sony A6700 verdict for videographers


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The Sony a6700 Camera Packs A Big Punch In A Little Body! See what is new and why it is better than the a6600. We're doing a little walkabout review with the new Sony a6700. A lot of great features with this camera. Let's explore them. Let's see how it works. Let's see some images. And let's just see exactly why the new a6700 packs a big punch.

  • 00:00 Sony a6700 Walkabout Camera Review
  • 00:25 Sony a6700 Camera Specs
  • 00:48 Sony a6700 Autofocus Points
  • 01:17 Sony a6700 What’s New?
  • 01:27 New Front Dial
  • 01:40 New Menu System
  • 02:03 Sony a6700 Price
  • 02:24 EVF - Electronic Viewfinder
  • 02:34 Sony a6700 Ergonomics
  • 02:48 Small Streamlined Body
  • 02:59 16-55mm f/2.8 Lens
  • 03:12 Sony a6700 Compact
  • 03:30 SKB Cases - Rob Shanahan
  • 03:53 Sony a6700 Video Aspects
  • 04:18 Sony a6700 Sensor
  • 04:28 Sony a6700 Video Specs
  • 05:23 Sony a6700 Auto Framing Mode
  • 06:31 Sony a6700 Soft Skin Effect
  • 07:24 Sony a6700 Stills Autofocus Test
  • 08:02 Sony a6700 Animal Eye Tracking
  • 08:28 Sony a6700 Video Autofocus Test
  • 09:31 Images Shot With a6700
  • 10:20 Conclusion/Wrap Up


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  • 1 month later...
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Sony A6700 Review - Worthy A6500 Successor [ APS-C E-mount ]

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:36 Body style, size, build quality
  • 1:40 61 MP sensor, image quality 
  • 3:37 Continuous shooting speed
  • 4:22 Autofocus
  • 5:46 Video
  • 8:00 IBIS
  • 9:05 Handling, UI
  • 10:41 Display, EVF
  • 11:34 Battery 
  • 12:13 Lenses
  • 13:32 Integrated mic
  • 13:45 Summary
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