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Re-review for 2023: Canon EF-S 10-22mm USM on an EOS R7 - Video

Martin Vronsky

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Gah I looooved re-visiting this camera lens, I have a happy history with it. Born back in 2004 (!) though, the highest resolution cameras it had to contend with back then were 8mp. How on earth will it come on a 32.5mp Canon EOS R7?

This lens will work on Canon's APS-C digital SLR cameras, but NOT full-frame digital SLR cameras. It will also work on their EOS M system and RF-mount cameras, but only with the appropriate adaptors, and it will only give an APS-C image circle. Got that?! ...well, still less complicated than the compatibility issues for old Nikon DSLR lenses heh heh.

All sample pictures taken by me on a Canon EOS R7 and 60D cameras.


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