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Canon R6 Review in Fall 2021 - Review - Video

Martin Vronsky

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Table of contents:

  • 0:00 Canon R6 Review
  • 0:55 Current Canon R6 Kit
  • 2:34 New Flash I'm Using
  • 3:58 It Takes The Challenge Away
  • 5:00 One Problem With The Canon R6
  • 5:55 Is 20 Megapixels Enough?
  • 6:24 Firmware 1.4.0 and Dual Video Record
  • 7:37 Why I'm Not Getting a Canon R3
  • 9:02 Autofocus is Amazing
  • 10:21 Low Light High ISO Performance Is Incredible
  • 11:51 Dynamic Range is More Than Good Enough
  • 12:29 Video
  • 13:14 IBIS
  • 15:02 Overheating Still a Problem (and workarounds)
  • 16:07 Weather Sealing
  • 16:47 Price Point
  • 18:09 Battery Life
  • 19:28 Conclusion, and Closing Thoughts


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I'm loving my Canon r6 more than I thought. In fact, I felt like it deserved a full review.

When I got the Canon R6 I thought it would be my vlogging camera. But after using it for a couple of months I've realized that it's actually a really good all around camera. On this review, I go over some of the most important aspects of the R6. This isn't a heavy specs review, but more a thorough explanation of the camera's capabilities. Oh, and of course, this is focusing on wildlife photography as I was in Etosha National Park when I filmed this.


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