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Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 - Rare $30,000 Lens for Under $1,000? - Video

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The Light Lens Lab Elcan 50mm f/2 is a replica of the 1970s Leica Elcan which only about 550 of which were made for the US military. The Leica version is a rare collector's item and usually fetches higher than $30k at auctions. The Light Lens Lab version is an exact replica down to the same glass materials used in the lens and is actually affordable for photographers who want to use this rare character lens.

  • 0:00 What is the Leica ELCAN 50mm?
  • 1:27 Thumbprint and Image Samples
  • 3:50 Editing in Lightroom
  • 5:31 ELCAN Optical Design
  • 6:31 Is this lens radioactive?
  • 7:57 Leica in Canada
  • 8:58 Military Cameras and Lenses
  • 10:05 Light Lens Lab
  • 11:09 Ergonomics and Build Quality
  • 12:26 Alternatives to the ELCAN 50mm
  • 13:31 Where you can get this lens


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